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Becoming a Sponsor

Welcome to the Albany Football & Sporting Club Inc. (Sharks). The club is growing and we invite you to help us grow by becoming a sponsor.

The Albany Football & Sporting Club’s (AFSC) aim is to provide a unique family orientated sport club.

Creating a new football club is a major achievement, and the media’s and public’s interest in the club’s ongoing growth and success has been extensive to say the least. Due to this interest, the exposure you will receive in being a sponsor of the club could be very beneficial to your business.

The AFSC has eventuated from a group of dedicated football personnel establishing a fourth football club based in Albany to participate in the Great Southern Football League (GSFL). Our football club has the support of the WACFL & the GSFL and upon entering four teams into the GSFL we have enhanced the competition and given many more young footballers an opportunity to play football. Junior football in Albany is booming and the Albany community needed a fourth Senior club in Albany for somewhere for these juniors to graduate to, and have the opportunity to continue their football dreams. The Sharks need your support to help us to continue to grow and to give these young players the opportunity they deserve.

There are various sponsorship packages the committee has put together. The club has also identified many methods of promoting your business; like your website linking to ours; which we can discuss further should you chose to sponsor our club.

If you believe your business has a product to offer the participants and members of the AFSC as well as the game of football, whilst also giving your company exposure to your target audience, please contact the President or the Sponsorship Manager of the Sharks.

We would very much welcome you as a Sponsor of the AFSC and will work together towards promoting your business amongst the football and wider community.

Want to know more?

If your interested in becoming a sponsor and would like to discuss it further then please give us a call or email and we will be happy to help.

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